How to Make a Woman Laugh - Top 10 Tips



1. Start by making fun of yourself. It is the safest form of humor. It shows that you are down to earth and that you can take criticism. And, women will be more honest with you as well. If you have made a mistake in your life or done something that is silly, you can use this as a topic to for a joke. Keep it light, of course, don't insult yourself.

2. Try and experiment on what makes your specific woman laugh. Not all women laugh at the same jokes. Try to find out what type of humor she likes. The safest method would be to begin with a more general type of humor that most people find funny, the so-called universal jokes.

3. Don't make her laugh too much. In other words - don't be her personal clown. There is a time to talk and time to be quiet. After you tell a joke, try to spin conversation towards a new direction. Humor is important for a relationship, but girls also need romance and the feeling of safety.

4. Be careful when talking about someone else. If there is something funny about someone or what they did, you can use this as a material for a joke but you should be careful with this - You don't want to make someone else look bad because this can make you look like an evil and cruel person.

5. Do not insult her. You may find some jokes funny but those jokes are better shared with a group of male friends. Many men made this kind of mistake. And don't make fun with something that is important to her.

6. Never stage a joke i.e. don't say. "Let me tell you a great joke. It is very funny." Humor needs to have an element of surprise. Jokes you tell must be relevant to what just happened or what was just said. Jokes you've memorized can be old or overrated and she probably have heard them before.

7. Don't laugh at your own jokes - you can spoil the punch line. Smile, but don't laugh.

8. Be a good listener and you'll have you enough material to have fun with.

9. Facial expressions and body language can always enhance a joke and even make it funny. Watch a stand-up comedians and observe their facial expressions. Also, try to maintain a mindset of a funny talk show host - watch a few shows and model the host.

10. Try and practice being humorous with a male friend before you try it with women. Also, you can stand in front of the mirror and try to improve your performance and body language. (no, this is not silly – even 'professionals' do this).

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Humor & Laughter Facts


- One minute of a good laughter is equal to 40 minutes of deep relaxation


- Children laugh 400 times per day, adults laugh only 15 times per day.


- Children with older brothers and sisters find it easier to make people laugh. Younger children were more likely to feel the need to compete for parental attention, so they are more humorous, unconventional and rebellious.


- Laughter is sub-categorized depending upon the extent and pitch of the laughter to giggles, hoots, cackles, chortles, chuckles, sniggers and guffaws.


- Women laugh in a more "sing-song" way, while men more often grunt or snort.




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